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Wireless Network (WiFi)

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Get a business-grade reliable and secured WiFi for office,  conference room, guest and employees.

Wi-Fi playing a crucial role!

In today’s era of everything becoming more internet-based, a reliable, high-quality connection is more important than ever.
A secure and reliable wireless connectivity allows employees to effectively work from anywhere, which in turn helps to enhance the morale and efficiency of a company’s workforce.

Avoid mistakes 

  1. Don’t use entry-level wireless routers when setting up a business network
  2. Don’t use equipment that will limit the growth of a business
  3. Make sure that you have multiple access points available in order to ease the strain on your network
  4. Access points should always be strategically placed in order to reduce the risk of any disruption.

Book a FREE Onsite  Consultation Survey!

Devarr can carry out onsite survey to make sure you achieve the greatest signal possible without any interference.

Once a survey has been carried and we have confirmation of the best locations we will issue a full written documentation and cost calculation.

After your approval, we start the installation of the active solution. We can also configure the wireless system to particular clients requirements.

For more information or to book a free survey, call us or email:



We provide and configure the next generation access points, security appliances and switches needed to replace your current WLAN with a modernised fully managed network.

Network management and security configuration


From the cloud, we manage your Wi-Fi network for you, be it guest, corporate or both. We also configure your security features, ensuring firewalls are functioning and that anti-malware, anti-phishing & anti-virus software is always up to date.

Cloud portal for visibility.


We have complete visibility into every aspect of your network from security to analytical data via cloud portal that can be be accessed from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere, anytime.