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Online Backup

A safe and secure CLOUD BACKUP solution for your Business!

Issues such as hardware and software failure, hacking, viruses and staff errors all result in critical data loss which can be catastrophic for your business. It is therefore vital that you protect your data and your business with an encrypted cloud backup service.

We offer only a leading market cloud-backup products. Depending on your business needs we propose a solution that is suitable.

  1. The cost of ownership is lower because there is no ongoing investment in hardware and backup media,
  2. The hidden costs associated with a traditional backup solution are replaced with a fixed monthly fee,
  3.  Our Cloud Backup is secure and compliant thanks to military grade data encryption,
  4. Say goodbye to vulnerable obsolete tape backups and time-consuming restore processes,
  5. Get automate and generate on-demand backups,
  6. You can restore deleted or lost files without overwriting existing data.

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