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Scared about Ransomware attack?

Devarr Limited looks after thousands of workstations and servers in the greater London area, and can proudly say that none of them have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. How did we do it? By implementing an aggressive network security strategy for our clients that includes:

Software Security Updates

Proactive patching and updating all your software and applications to close vulnerabilities

Enterprise Anti-Virus Applications

Deployment of a robust anti-virus software solution, that’s configured to most effectively protect your network and data

Data Recovery Solutions

Disaster recovery and data backup solutions help guarantee network uptime and business continuity if ransomware or other malware should strike

Client Education

Education is key to helping our clients understand the latest in network security best practices and minimizing human error

Cyber Security Insurance

We have cyber security insurance and help clients purchase their own insurance for maximum protection and better peace of mind

We address problems before they become a problem.

We use advanced monitoring tools that allow us to act more proactive and to ensure that your business is not interrupted by IT problems.

We get real-time notifications about your network environment general condition. That includes also:

  1. Reports about possible security breaches.
  2. Reports about computers performance and programs that are installed.
  3. Reports about Windows and Antivirus updates.
  4. Reports about network equipment performance.
  5. Reports about computers hardware problems.

Do you know?

The best defense against ransomware is preparedness. Having a team of professional security experts with a stellar track record working to protect you is the best way to avoid becoming an unfortunate ransomware statistic.