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A base from which all other IT elements grow is a reliable business internet connection!

These days a solid and reliable internet connection is essential for companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Up to 85% of daily communication between your employees’ partners and clients goes via internet. 

At Devaar we provide a wide range of reliable, business-grade internet and private network solutions.

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Business Broadband

  1. up to 24 MB for download
  2. no traffic shaping
  3. unlimited data

Fibre Broadband

  1. up to 100 MB for download
  2. up to 40 MB for upload
  3. no traffic shaping
  4. unlimited data

Ethernet over Fibre

  1. quality of service (QOS)
  2. business SLA
  3. easy to install
  4. fast access

Leased Line

  1. service fully managed
  2. 99% uptime
  3. 1:1 connection ratio
  4. business SLA